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Japanese breakfast with only modest surprise.

"Ohio gozaimasu" means "good morning" in Japanese. And in Japan, with this greeting comes breakfast--always rice, usually pickles, and often fish--truly an eye-opener for most Westerners.

But in this morning meal from Japan, familiar foods get a fresh look, and the surprises are modest and few.

Consider the menu as an easy way to entertain on a spring weekend. You can have foods ready and waiting, then present them on trays, mixing Western and Eastern wares.

Hard-cooked Eggs with Black Sesame Seed

and Watercress

Hot Rice Pickled Vegetables

Miso Soup

Strawberries Kiwi Fruit

Green or Black Tea

Eggs, sometimes raw, are often served for breakfast in Japan. More acceptably, these are hard-cooked, sprinkled with black sesame seed, and presented on a healthy spray of watercress.

Hot rice is the staple--not such an exotic idea if you're used to hot cooked cereal. But instead of cream or sugar, you eat the rice with tidbits of Oriental pickled vegetables.

Nourishing hot miso soup, made from a mix, displaces fruit juice; and green or black rea displaces coffee.

A few choice strawberries and a brilliant slice or two of kiwi fruit, simply displayed on a tiny dish, carry on Oriental air.

For a Japanese look, have a separate small dish for each food; lids help keep soup warm.

You may need to shop in a Japanese market to get plain or seasoned black sesame seed (kurogoma or gomashie), instant miso soup, and pickled vegetables--choose the type cut in small pieces. Also buy a Japanese gree or black tea. You might want to pick up a few serving dishes, too.

You can find short-grain rice, enoki mushrooms, and remaining ingredients in the supermarket.

Hard-cooked Eggs with Black Sesame

Seed and Watercress

For each serving, shell 1 to 2 hard-cooked eggs (hot or cool). To divide them Japanese-style, loop a thread around the middle and pull tightly until egg is cut in half. Lay a few sprigs of washed and crisped watercress on a small plate; set the eggs, yolks up, on the greens. Sprinkle the eggs lightly with seasoned or plain black sesame seed. offer soy sauce or salt.

Hot Rice

Allow about 1 cup cooked short-grain white rice for each serving. Rinse rice well. To cook 1 cup rice for 3 to 4 servings, place in a 1- to 2-quart pan and add 2 cups water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and cook until tender to bite, about 15 minutes. Serve hot, or keep hot in a covered, insulated bowl; or you can put rice in bowl on a rack in a covered steamer and keep over steaming water for up to 1-1/2 hours.

Scoop into small bowls and top with or accompany with Oriental pickled vegetables (about 1 tablespoon for a serving).

Miso Soup

Purchase instant miso soup mix and prepare as package directs for number of servings desired. Serve hot in small bowls. Add to each bowl a few chopped green onions and several enoki mushrooms, fresh or canned.
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