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Japanese banners as sun screens.

Atop a ridge in the Santa Monica Mountains, Ben Manfre's patio looks across Mandeville Canyon-and right into the setting sun. Deciding against a permanent overhead shade structure, he adapted the Japanese chitsuke-hata, or banner with loops, shown in the July 1983 Sunset.

For each banner frame, you need about 10 feet of 2-inch-diameter dowel, about 21/2 feet Of 3/4 -inch dowel (to cut in half for the top and bottom crosspieces), and about 4 inches of 1/4-inch dowel for the anglesetting peg (see left photograph below).

Drill a 3/4-inch-diameter hole a couple of inches from the top end of the pole, another about 76 inches farther down; these will hold crosspieces. For the set peg, drill a 1/4 -inch-diameter hole through the pole about 10 inches from the bottom.

Using a hacksaw or a pipe cutter, cut an 18-inch length of PVC pipe (2-inch inside diameter). At the top, on opposite sides, cut two slots to hold the set peg. Dig a 6to 8-inch-diameter hole deep enough to set the pipe so about 4 inches extend above the soil. Pour concrete around the outside.

To make the banner, choose a heavy-duty nylon or lightweight all-weather canvas ($8 to $12 per yard for 45-inch-wide material at fabric stores). Sew 1- by 6-foot panels with 3/16-inch hems, At top, bottom, and along one side, stitch on nine loops sewn from the same fabric, or make them from webbing (about $2.50 a yard). Slip the side loops over the pole, then slide the crosspieces through the top and bottom loops and fasten the crosspieces to the pole with glue and woodscrews.
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Date:May 1, 1989
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