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Japanese Paper Crafting.

JAPANESE PAPER CRAFTING (2007; $24.95), by Michael G. LaFosse with Richard Alexander and Greg Mudan. Tuttle Publishing.

Introducing this book, the author declares: "Paper is my favorite art material, and some of my most favorite paper, called washi, was developed in Japan. This book is for people who also love washi and other high-quality handmade papers."

Truly, this is a book that celebrates the beauty and creative possibilities stemming from an art (papermaking) that began in China about 21 centuries ago. Washi is produced by processing select fibers from only a few species of plants.

Using diagrams and photographs, the authors provide instructions for making washi paper. This is followed by 17 projects (hand-bound book, purses and wallets, tabletop accessories, etc.). The authors are founders of the Origamido Studio in Honolulu. The book concludes with an excellent bibliography and listing of resources.--J.J.H. | circle # 394
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Author:Hausman, Jerome J.
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Date:Jun 1, 2009
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