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Japanese Entrepreneur Offers New 'Eco-Taxi' Service.

The Taipei Times recently reported that former elementary school teacher Hideki Nakamura has founded a new transit company that employs Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) as "Eco-Taxis" in an effort to help reduce area pollution and increase public awareness of environmental issues.

"Since our daily life is so dependent on cars, I decided to use them as a tool to get people interested in environmental problems...," said Nakamura.

According to Taipei Times, Nakamura said the company, New Trans System, currently maintains a fleet of 10 Prius HEVs, with two additional vehicles to be introduced later this month.

The newspaper said Nakamura noted that he hopes to operate 300 hybrid taxis next year via an arrangement with a used car dealer, as well as offer similar services in France, Germany and Italy in the next few years.

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Title Annotation:Hideki Nakamura, Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicles
Publication:Mobile Emissions Today
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Date:Oct 7, 2004
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