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Japanese Company Joins BoomerangIt to Reunite Owners with Lost Valuables in Asia.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif., & TOKYO --, the leading global lost and found return service, is expanding to Japan, the world's largest consumer electronics manufacturer. has licensed a group of Japanese investors, including Nichizei Business Services, Co., Ltd., Atena Co., Ltd., Yasuda System Service Co., Ltd. and private investors, to localize the company's services in the Japanese market. The agreement gives BoomerangIt Japan, Inc., the new privately held company, the rights to use the BoomerangIt name and technology to market a lost and found return service based on the U.S. company's model throughout Japan and other countries in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

At BoomerangIt Japan, Japanese customers will enjoy the same benefits as BoomerangIt members do now: safe, confidential tracking of personal items, such as electronic handheld devices, laptops, cell phones, cameras, bikes, luggage, keys, and virtually everything else, and their return if they are lost or stolen. BoomerangIt Japan will help police and make it easier for finders of lost property to comply with the Japanese "finders law", which requires citizens to return found items to the owners or turn them over to the police.

Through BoomerangIt Japan's online service (, individuals can register their valuable belongings, access the information in the secure database via the website and then apply the BoomerangIt tamper-resistant serialized tags and labels to the items to identify them. In the unfortunate event of loss or theft, anyone who finds the item can contact BoomerangIt online or via telephone by following the instructions on the label. BoomerangIt uses the registration information to match recovered items to their owners and facilitate their return.

A recent survey of businessmen in Tokyo and Osaka showed that more than 41 percent of them had lost items in a given year, and the average number of items lost was three. According to Japan's National Police Agency more than 10.7 million items were turned into the police in 2004. However, only 30 percent were returned to their original owners, due to lack of identification. The low return rates are a burden on police and railway operators, which is why the National Police Agency is revising Japan's "Lost Goods Law" to halve the time lost items are kept in custody.

BoomerangIt Japan's service will help police departments, train and subway companies, hotels and others return lost valuables and ease the social burden of property recovery rooms and lost and found departments. It will streamline and institutionalize the process of returning a found item and reunite more owners with their lost property.

"BoomerangIt lost and found return service will offer Japanese consumers a new level of security to protect valuables, such as electronic devices and the data inside, that are not easily replaced," said Toru Yamakawa, representative director of BoomerangIt Japan. "We will provide manufacturers a value-added service they can offer along with their products. And for aftermarket purchases, BoomerangIt will be available for consumers and organizations to register and protect all personal and institutional property."

"By licensing our service, BoomerangIt Japan has access to our patent-pending technology and a brand name that is easily identifiable and understood by people around the world," said Eddie Orton, president of BoomerangIt. "BoomerangIt Japan understands the local marketplace, and is finding the marketing synergies between that culture and the peace of mind and accountability one gets by keeping track of personal property through BoomerangIt."

About BoomerangIt Japan

BoomerangIt Japan based in Tokyo, licenses and sells the largest global lost and found return service, reuniting Asian consumers with their lost items through the company's lost property recovery service. Initial service is offered through original equipment manufacturers, mobile phone companies, electronic retailers, direct marketing companies, credit card and insurance companies and BoomerangIt Japan's website. For more information, visit, call +(81) 3-3363-8811 or e-mail

About BoomerangIt(R)

BoomerangIt ( based in San Leandro, Calif., is a global lost and found return service that works with law enforcement and others to return lost and stolen property to its rightful owners. BoomerangIt provides an easy, inexpensive means to label and identify valuable items. It is also a theft deterrent, as studies indicate thieves are less likely to steal marked property. Founded in 2000, BoomerangIt now has more than 1.2 million members and is the official lost and found service of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), with a portion of sales benefiting the "McGruff(R) the Crime Dog" programs. For more information or to purchase BoomerangIt labels and tags, visit or call 800-2Boomit (800-226-6648).
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Date:Jul 12, 2006
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