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As of 3 June 2012, the IAML Japan branch has 73 members, of which 58 are individuals and fifteen institutions. On 28 May 2011, the new committee of the IAML Japan began its activities with the following members, who serve three-year terms.

President: Masakata KANAZAWA (Tokyo) Vice-President: Tsuneko ARAKAWA (Yamanashi University)

Secretary: Yumiko HASEGAWA (Library, Kunitachi College of Music)

Treasurer: Hiromi HOSHINO (Rikkyo University)

Members at large: Shin'ya KATO; Shu-Ji LIN; Daisaku MUKAI; Yoko OGURA; Harumichi YAMADA; and Kazune YANAGIHARA.

Committee meetings have been held four times since the General Meeting on 28 May 2011 to discuss various problems related to music libraries in Japan and to the lack of a proper educational system for training young music librarians. The project for training music librarian, as a part of the thirtieth anniversary projects of IAML Japan, has been continued and will be carried on in and after 2012, with the cooperation of the Music Library Association of Japan (MLAJ).

The regular meetings have been held twice since the General Meeting last year. At the 51st meeting (4 December 2011) a symposium was held on education of music librarians organized by Shu-Ji LIN (Meiji Gakuin University); the speakers were Kaoru OSHIMA (the National Diet Library), Shinya KATO (Nagoya University), Hitoshi MATSUSHITA (Teikyo University General Educational Center), and Hiroko KISHIMOTO (Showa University of Music). Important reports included one on the founding of the Audio-Visual Materials Division within the National Diet Library and another on the opening of a new program to train librarians at the Showa University of Music. The 52nd meeting (3 June 2012) was honoured by a visit by the IAML Secretary General, Pia Shekhter, who gave a talk on the future of the IAML. Before her talk, Shu-Ji LIN gave a report on research on musical sources printed in Japan before 1945, a part of the project commissioned by the Agency of Cultural Affairs (see below).

Three issues of the Newsletter have appeared between June 2011 and June 2012.

Newsletter No. 42 (September 2011) mainly contained reports about the General Assembly of IAML Japan on 28 May 2011; No. 43 (February 2012) about the IAML 2011 Meeting in Dublin, Ireland; and No. 44 (May 2012) a report on the 51st regular meeting.

The general assembly of IAML Japan in 2012 was held on 3 June, followed by the 52nd regular meeting. In order to encourage young music librarians to participate in the IAML international conferences, the Japanese branch has a program to support them financially; however there is no candidate to attend the IAML 2012 meeting in Montreal. Last year eight Japanese members attended the Dublin meeting, including Keisuke TERAMOTO, a recipient of the program. We hope that more young Japanese members will participate in international programs using the program.

Activities of the Research Committee of Musical Sources in Japan initiated by the Musicological Society of Japan (MSJ) continue with Keiichi KUBOTA (also a IAML member) as the chairman. Of the seven committee members three, Hiroko KISHIMOTO, Shu-Ji LIN, and Mariko TERAMOTO, represent IAML Japan. Another IAML member, Yumiko HASEGAWA, has been named a committee member representing another function, while Masakata KANAZAWA has been invited to join as a special advisor. Thus the committee is fully represented by IAML Japan members. The committee continues to do research on historically important musical sources in Japan, supported by the subsidy from the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


President, IAML Japan
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