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Japan to unify plastic bottles' Caps with "White Color".

The design of caps of plastic bottles will be unified with white solid color due to the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake on  March 11.

Japan Soft Drink Association (JSDA) announced on Wednesday that they have decided to consolidate all caps of plastic bottles which is designed with some various sizes, colors and prints by manufacturers to white solid color one. Through this unification the supply capacity of caps will increase around 10 percent.

The demand of soft drink within plastic bottle is arising because of the earthquake. However the capacity of supply decreased because some factories were damaged by the earthquake.

In this announcement, JSDA said that all companies that belong to it agreed that "In this emergent situation, it is a mission of company to overcome difficulties together without being insistent about designs or marks of each brand."


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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Apr 14, 2011
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