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Japan to sign convention against int'l organized crime.

TOKYO, Nov. 17 Kyodo

Japan intends to sign a new international convention to tackle transnational organized crime when governments will gather to sign it in Palermo, Italy, beginning Dec. 12, Justice Minister Okiharu Yasuoka said Friday.

''We are considering signing the convention,'' Yasuoka said at a press conference in the morning.

The U.N. Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, adopted Wednesday by the U.N. General Assembly, calls on countries to legislate to ban organized crime and money laundering, as well as to cooperate with each other in investigations and on the extradition of suspects.

The protocols of the convention call for measures to tackle illegal firearms deals, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

If Japan signs the documents, it will be required to legislate to provide immunity from criminal prosecution for people who cooperate with investigations, and to legislate punishment for conspiring to commit organized crime.

Yasuoka said Japan would be ready to legislate the ban on conspiracy to commit organized crime, but he expressed reluctance about establishing immunity from prosecution.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Nov 20, 2000
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