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Japan to build new embassy in Moscow by 2005.

MOSCOW, Nov. 21 Kyodo

Japan will build a new embassy in Moscow that will have five times as much floor space as the current mission complete with a swimming pool and tennis courts, according to a blueprint released by the Japanese Embassy in Moscow.

Embassy officials said construction work is scheduled to start in January and is expected to be completed in fiscal 2005.

The Japanese government had planned to relocate the current embassy back in the 1960s and recently obtained the go-ahead permission from the Russian Foreign Ministry as well a land lease from the city of Moscow.

The current embassy looks shabby on the outside and has been dubbed as the ''symbol of a defeated nation.''

Japanese officials say the new embassy will have 16,500 square meters in floor space and be built on a land plot threefold the size of the current embassy.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Nov 26, 2001
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