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Japan gov't OKs Oct. 1 start of e-commerce attestation system.

TOKYO, Sept. 18 Kyodo

The government on Monday approved the introduction of an electronic commerce attestation system Oct. 1 to secure the safety of transactions conducted over the Internet, government officials said.

The government endorsed an ordinance under an amendment to the Commercial Registration Law. The amendment has already cleared the Diet.

The system enables a party that wants to conclude a deal over the Internet to confirm the identities of potential counter-parties that have sent authenticating documents.

Parties would be able to identify whom they transact with by ensuring that the secret key ''cryptosystem'' -- a set of rules for encrypting messages sent over the Internet -- used by a party to a potential deal corresponds with its public key cryptosystem, which is registered with a registry office of the Justice Ministry beforehand.

A public key cryptosystem is a set of rules for deciphering messages composed via secret key cryptosystems.

Businesses that want to push e-commerce need to register with a registry office their corporate brands, head office address, names of chief executive officers and public key cryptosystem.
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Date:Sep 25, 2000
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