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Japan Technology database to be available on Dialog.

Japan Technology Database to be Available on Dialog

SCAN C2C has announced the addition of its Japan Technology database to Dialog Information Services. The projected release date is February 1991. Subscribers will now have access to SCAN C2C's full range of products via two online services, Orbit Search Service, a division of Maxwell Online (fine name: JTEC) as well as Dialog Information Services (file 582).

Subscribers to the Japan Technology database can product searches in a number of subject areas, including chemistry, computers, manufacturing management, metals, plastics and more. The database offers abstracts in English from more than 500 hard-to-find Japanese journals and provides access to timely information in numerous subject areas. An additional 3,000-4,000 current records are added each month.

Tom Satoh, president of SCAN C2C, Inc. said, "With the United States constantly facing stiff competition from Japan, the database is an ideal way for technical, market and academic researchers to stay abreast of the latest developments in Japan."

The database contains more than 150,000 records abstracted from Japanese journals with an additional 3,000-4,000 records added through monthly updates.

In addition to online access and a series of publications, SCAN C2C offers the C2C Oncall service. SCAN C2C often provides this service in a three-step process: C2C Source: Japan, which is a document delivery service; article summarization, in English; and full-text translations of the articles as needed.

SCAN C2C, Inc. is the only company in the United States to provide, in English, competitive information from Japan's leading journals in business, technology and science.

For more information, contact Scan C2C, Inc., 500 E. Street, S.W., Suite 800, Washington, DC 20024,202/863-3850.

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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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