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Japan Style.

JAPAN STYLE, Essays by Mitsukuni Yoshida, J.V. Earle, Masaru Katzumie and Jean-Pierre Lehmann. New York: Kodansha International Ltd., 1990. Illustrated, 152 pp., softbound, $14.95.

Based on an exhibition by the same name that was presented at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, this book is not only a catalog of stunningly designed objects, but serves as an insightful panorama of the contemporary Japanese aesthetic. Four introductory essays examine the symbolic qualities of Japanese design, the ideals of the Japanese aesthetic and the many stereotypes which surround our perceptions of Japanese culture. The insightful essays are followed by over 100 large, full-color photographs of images ranging from early woodcuts to sleek industrial design.

Materials, Elegance, Simplicity, Compactness, Graphism, Vitality and Today are the chapter headings for each grouping of photographs, and they suggest the images and forms selected to represent Japanese design and culture. An interesting resource that combines societal insight, high-style design and lush photography.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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