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Japan Science and Technology Agency obtains United States patent.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (Kawaguchi-shi, Japan) has patented a animal model useful in identifying a molecule controlling in a lymphocyte-specific manner migration and thus elucidating immune-related diseases and pathogenic conditions such as allergy, autoimmune diseases, GvH and graft rejections at a molecular level, or in developing a novel therapy. A nonhuman animal model such as a DOCK2 knockout mouse, in which the function to control lymphocyte migration has been deleted or suppressed, is generated by deleting DOCK2 gene on the chromosome. In this DOCK2 knockout mouse, the function of activating Rac to mediate actin cyteskeleton, the lymphocyte migration function in response to stimuli with chemokines such as SLC, SDF-1, BLC, the homing function to secondary lymphoid organs such as spleen, lymph nodes and Peyer's patches, and the function of emigrating mature thymic T cells into peripheral blood in response to stimulus with chemokine ELC are impaired, and as a result of this, immune responses are suppressed. (US 7,312,373)
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Publication:BIOTECH Patent News
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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