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Japan : NEC wireless technology enables groundbreaking capacity efficiency.

NEC Corporation today announced the development of a wireless transmission technology that enables the use of a 4096 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (4096QAM) method in order to achieve ultra-multilevel modulation through the use of high-capacity microwave communications. This results in groundbreaking transmission efficiency at a 112MHz bandwidth, which enables optical fiber-level transfer rates of over 1Gbps (single-carrier / single polarization).

With QAM modulation, a method of digital modulation, transmission capacity increases with the number of bits assigned per modulation (per symbol), and also the number of symbols sent per second. The data transmission per symbol for the 4096QAM modulation method is 12 bits/symbol, making it more highly efficient than the 8-bits/symbol of the current widespread 256QAM modulation method. In addition, by utilizing a 112MHz radio bandwidth, it is possible to achieve transmission capacities that are 4 times that of the currently prevalent 28MHz bandwidth.

Network carriers are constantly working to increase mobile backhaul capacity in order to handle rapidly increasing communications traffic. To create a high-capacity backhaul, it is necessary both to broaden the bandwidth of wireless channels and to improve the efficiency of frequency use. NEC has developed a technology that enables 112MHz radio bandwidth in order to support the broadening of wireless channel bandwidth. Moreover, new NEC technologies also enable use of the 4096QAM modulation method when responding to the need for increased efficiency of frequency usage, enabling high-efficiency transmission and making it possible to achieve a higher capacity mobile backhaul, even with limited frequency resources.

"NEC is proud to announce another breakthrough in capacity performance for microwave radio systems," said Atsushi Noro, deputy general manager, Mobile Wireless Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. "NEC will continue to utilize advanced wireless transmission technologies and high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturing to respond to demands for higher capacity mobile backhaul, while at the same time continuing its efforts to further promote high-efficiency transmission."

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 26, 2015
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