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Japan, China agree on each other's fishing quotas for 2002.

TOKYO, Dec. 18 Kyodo

Japan and China agreed Tuesday to cut their fishing quotas in 2002 in each other's exclusive 200-nautical mile economic zones to 62,546 tons, Japan's Fisheries Agency said.

The agreement, which came at a meeting of fisheries officials in Beijing, calls for a cut of 7,800 tons in Japan's fishing quota from this year and a cut of 10,500 tons in China's quota, the agency said.

The reduction for China includes 3,000 tons approved for Chinese fishermen this year for fishing with encircling nets in the Sea of Japan and in the East China Sea.

Following requests by Japanese fishermen in the Kyushu region, Japan conveyed its intention of not granting China any operations using this method next year and China accepted, agency officials said.

China's squid fishing in the northern Pacific and the Sea of Japan will be reduced by 7,500 tons from this year to 52,546 tons, while 10,000 tons of dragnet fishing for China has been approved, the same amount as this year, in the East China Sea.

As for Japanese operations in waters near China, encircling method-based operations will be reduced by 5,800 tons to 57,146 tons, while dragnet fishing will be the same as this year at 3,500 tons.

Japan's quota of long-line fishing and other types of fishing will be cut by 1,900 tons.

The two countries also agreed to jointly implement a set of resource management programs in an area of territorially undetermined waters near islands disputed by the two countries in the East China Sea.

The programs include setting a 100,000-ton ceiling for Japanese fishing and a 2.1-million-ton ceiling for Chinese fishing.

The islands, called the Senkaku Islands in Japan, are located between Taiwan and Japan's southernmost island prefecture of Okinawa. They are also claimed by Beijing and Taipei. China refers to the islands as Diaoyu, while Taiwan calls them Tiaoyutai.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Dec 24, 2001
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