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Japan's HDTV aim misses Europe.

Japan's HDTV Aim Misses Europe

The Europeans have moved a step further towards opposing Japanese ambitions in the high-definition television field. The EC wants to provide European researchers with $571 million over the next five years, to further develop Europe's own HDTV system, called MAC. It would give satellite operators at least one year to adapt themselves to the new technology. The MAC system is not compatible with Japan's own MUSE system.

The EC decision represents a major setback for the Japanese, who have been lobbying to get the Europeans to accept the Japanese system. MUSE is already operating in Japan. It is not clear where the EC move leaves the Americans, who are working on their own HDTV technology.
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Title Annotation:The World; high-definition television
Publication:Video Age International
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Date:Sep 1, 1991
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