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Janet Lim-Napoles Watch: Pork Barrel Scam Queen Joins Wheelchair Meme Club (PHOTOS).

This early, political pundits in the Philippines are predicting that Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the P10-billion pork barrel scam, will join the Wheelchair Club of the Philippines. The more prominent members of the group are former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Although both had real serious medical problems, Ms Arroyo had surgery of the spine due to pinched nerve and Mr Corona had diabetes, many Filipinos felt they tried to appear as the underdog by showing up in court riding a wheelchair, which has become the refuge of Filipino officials with big problems.

And Ms Lim-Napoles is in that situation right now, following the P10-million bounty placed on her head, surrender to President Benigno Aquino III and now suspicion of special treatment being accorded her.

Among the reasons why many Filipinos believe she is receiving special treatment are reports that on her first night of detention at the Office of the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame, she had an air-conditioned room. The same privilege was accorded her when she was moved on Friday to the Makati City Jail, with no less than PNP Chief Alan Purisima justifying providing her an aircon room because of her diabetes. He added, Ms Lim-Napoles's diabetic medicine needs to be placed inside the refrigerator.

This early, the suspected pork barrel scam mastermind was spotted using already a wheelchair, but an expensive one, reportedly a Louis Vuitton, based on the photo below, although it could be a Photoshopped image.

It wouldn't be a surprise if it is a genuine LV because the Napoles family is known for their lavish lifestyle.

One proof of this, according to ABS-CBN, is that her former maid, Dominga Cadelina, who shared the same city jail with Ms Lim-Napoles for one night, is detained for two years for stealing her employer's Balenciaga and YSL bags, Maidenform underwear and YSL jacket which have a total value of $12,000 or more than half a million pesos.

Her youngest daughter, 23-year-old Jeane Napoles, used to blog about their lavish lifestyle, and posted photos of her designer shoes, bags and clothes from known fashion brands. However, when her mother was exposed as the brains behind the pork barrel scam, which involves setting up fake nongovernmental organisations that accept the pork barrel allocation of senators and congressmen, but are funneled into her personal bank accounts, the younger Napoles closed all her social media accounts.

Because of her wealth, there are rumours that Ms Lim-Napoles allegedly contributed to the 2010 political campaign of Mr Aquino - which explains why many Filipinos suspect the two made a secret deal to treat her with kids' gloves when she surrendered. This accusation was made by movie public relations manager Lolit Solis - whose talents include Senator Ramon Revilla Jr, one of the senators named by a Commission on Audit report as having shared his pork barrel fund with Ms Lim-Napoles.

However, the Philippine Star reported that records of the Commission on Election did not show the name of the pork barrel scam queen as one of the president's campaign fund contributor.

But Ms Lim-Napoles obviously has connection in high places, including Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Gregory One, chair of the court's Fourth Division, who has a photograph in a party with Ms Lim-Napoles and Senator Jinggoy Estrada, another contributor to her fake NGOs. However, Mr Ong insisted he did not know her and he agreed to be photographed upon the request of the businesswoman who was linked to an earlier scam in 1998 over the ghost purchase of 500 Kevlar helmets, heard by the Sandiganbayan.

However, because of the public anger despite her connections, Ms Lim-Napoles had to surrender and is now suffering the humiliation of being made the butt of jokes in social media, especially when her (Sept%202.docx) Mug Shot was published.

Besides the Mug Shot memes, which continue to mushroom, Ms Lim-Napoles is the subject of a (Sept%202.docx) parody interview by presidential sister Kris Aquino.

Her travails had just started. Expect funnier memes and sarcastic parodies about Ms Pork Barrel herself in the coming days.

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