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Secrets of a snowflake: students study snow crystals up close to gain insight into their formation. Dec 7, 2009 1575
Wireless waste: most Americans keep their cell phones for only 18 months. Find out what that means for the environment. Nov 12, 2007 804
Highway hazard: one teen samples roadside soils, searching for traces of a dangerous element once used in car fuels. Sep 17, 2007 1119
Science World[R] celebrates Earth Day! April 22 is Earth Day. What are you going to do to help save the planet? Brief article Apr 16, 2007 289
Life on the edge: a high school senior spreads the word about how global warming is threatening his remote community's livelihood. Apr 16, 2007 1572
On thin ice: drowning polar bears? Stranded walrus calves? A Science World editor travels north to report on the effects of global warming. Dec 11, 2006 1812
Crisis in a northern sea: can marine animals survive warming waters? Science World Editor Patricia Janes sails with researchers to find out. Oct 9, 2006 1840
Hi from Alaska. Editorial Sep 4, 2006 175
Vanishing forest: a northern forest is disappearing at a rapid pace--that spells trouble for billions of animals. Mar 27, 2006 1662
One gigantic mystery: scientists use clues to reveal the secretive life of the giant squid. Mar 6, 2006 1557
It's alive! Brief Article Nov 28, 2005 169
Hidden treasures. Brief Article Sep 19, 2005 159
Under pressure: how does the amount of air inside a football affect its performance? One teen kicks his way to an answer. Sep 19, 2005 976
Digging deep. Brief Article Sep 5, 2005 101
Feathery find: scientists unearth evidence that some dinosaurs sported feathers. May 9, 2005 1350
Howling success. Mar 28, 2005 93
Junk. Feb 7, 2005 394
Kitty. Brief Article Feb 7, 2005 258
Windy. Feb 7, 2005 411
Chillin' chipmunks. Dec 6, 2004 219
Freeze factor: Professor Popsicle knows how to survive a plunge into icy waters. Do you? Nov 22, 2004 1454
Tales from the ice: each year scientists venture south to Antarctica, Earth's most desolate continent. They bore deep into glaciers to draw out long rods of ice. Why? Clues to the mysteries of global warming are frozen within. (Earth Science: Global Warming. Ice). Nov 12, 2001 1900

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