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Jane on a Crane.

Jane On A Crane

Jane Dana & Viktor Bakhtin

Green Troubadour Press

E8840 McCoy Road, North Freedom, WI 53951

0976100002 $25.00 1-800-214-8110

Jane On A Crane introduces the museum quality artwork of Victor Bakhtin to an American audience. This is a body of artwork that perfectly enhances Jane Dana's eco-adventure for young readers in a timeless tale about an extraordinary place and fascinating people. Paleo Grus and Jane go to Bhutan, a mystical land where dreams, prophecy and history interweave. This is a place where black-necked cranes return to a young king's domain which is under threat, and a band of foreign outlaws lurk, and a mysterious monastery high on a cliff holds what might be the answer to protecting one of Earth's last unspoiled places and the cranes that depend upon it for their very survival. Strongly recommended for both school and community library collections for young readers, Jane On A Crane is deftly written, beautifully illustrated, and a thoroughly entertaining read.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Dec 1, 2005
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