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Jane has to Grin and bear it; Absolutely Fabulous BBC1, 9.00pm.

A PHOTOSHOOT in Paris gives Patsy (Joanna Lumley) the chance to re-live her modelling days and spend time with new best friend, supermodel Erin O'Connor.

The Monsoon household accompany her across the Channel, as Edina (Jennifer Saunders) drags Saffy (Julia Sawalha) along for a mother-and-daughter "Generation Flex" feature.

But Eddy has trouble persuading her mild-child daughter to get into the swing - and out of her frumpy outfit.

Also featuring is Jane Horrocks. The petite blonde actress played Edina's useless PA, Bubble, in the last series, but this time around tackles a new character as well, called Katy Grin.

Katy, Jane explains, is Bubble's cousin, which means she's already had to film a scene with herself.

She says: "It was very strange. I mean they did it split-screen, which was fantastic and works brilliantly, but it was odd to say the least. It was also the very first time I had played Katy.

"But I am getting to know her better now and I'm becoming more at ease with her.

It's a nice chance for me because she's very different from Bubble.

"Katy is Edina's partner in a TV production company and she comes from a TV background - she's presented things like Blue Peter in the past, and she's quite nauseating.

"Is she based on anyone?

"Mmm. She's bitter because she can't get any TV work anymore and very jealous of other people in the public eye - so no, not based on anyone at all, not at all."

Of course, rumour has it that a certain Anthea Turner won't be tuning in too readily.

Jane says she relishes playing a character who is a "hard-bitten cow" and even suggests that Sindy-loving Bubble has become less saccharine over the past five years.

"Some friends came to see the Paris episode, and they thought that she's become quite mean," she says.

"In fact she's become like Patsy's nemesis -really digging."

Jane is a mother-of-two and, apart from starring in critically acclaimed movie, Little Voice, and releasing an album of the songs from the film, including a duet with Robbie Williams, she doesn't work very much.

She says: "I choose not to work because I don't really enjoy it as much now, but I loved working on this.

"Jennifer's a gem to work with, and it's basically just good fun."

Catching The Killers

BBC2, 9.00pm

IN 1978, the FBI began a groundbreaking criminal investigation.

The targets were corrupt politicians and businessmen. Codenamed Abscam, the investigation was to deploy a new and hugely controversial weapon in the fight against crime - video surveillance.

Using hidden cameras, the suspects would be covertly filmed on a scale never been seen before.

The camera - and not the testimony of an FBI agent - would provide the incorruptible evidence.

During two years the FBI secretly filmed all their suspects and were rewarded when they captured politicians accepting bribes, on camera.

It seemed law enforcement agencies had found an infallible means of gathering evidence against criminals.

But had they? Can video evidence ever tell the whole story?

In '90s Britain, a silent revolution took place when thousands of CCTV cameras sprang up in an effort to stem an increasing crime rate.

Evidence from the cameras was crucial in helping the police to capture the Brixton bomber who planted a series of bombs targeting London's black and gay communities.

But how far do cameras prevent crimes from taking place in the first place? And in a bid to make our cities safer, have the cameras made suspects of us all?

My Family

BBC1, 8.30pm

BEN (Robert Lindsay) arrives at the surgery to be met by a client whose stern facade does little to put him at ease.

The situation becomes somewhat perplexing when it comes to light that he is a prospective employee.

Ben, however, is more than a little reluctant to put him on the payroll.

Meanwhile, back in the Harper household, Susan's (Zoe Wanamaker) cooking is once again turning stomachs - not heads.

Preparations are also being made for the arrival of Sylvie (Beatrice Batardo), a French exchange student, which creates sleeping dilemmas.

Holiday Airline

ITV, 8.30pm

A POWER cut at Manchester and some jolly drinkers in Tenerife are among the challenges for Monarch staff in tonight's Holiday Airline.

Pilot Dave Stealey loves his plane - the Airbus A330.

It's a dream machine. He marvels at its low fuel consumption, its reliability and its long haul capabilities.

But 10 minutes into his Orlando flight, he runs into trouble.

He's unhappy with his allocated flight path and might have to re-fuel.

The atmosphere at 28,000 feet is decidedly frosty.

Back in the airport some cheery drinkers are making the most of a five hour delay.

Others aren't so philosophical and supervisor Michael is in the firing line yet again.

Goa in India is fast becoming the new Tenerife. Thousands fly out for huge beaches and five star hotels.

But Pauline and Ron Machin are getting a different view. They travel 220 miles inland on motorbikes to discover the "real India".

But will they like what they find?

Pauline has only just passed her motorbike test - when she comes into contact with India's chaotic drivers. Her holiday challenge becomes an exhausting struggle for survival.

And it's a return to the dark ages at Manchester airport. when a power cut brings everything to a standstill.
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