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Jane's Information CEO to give NEPA conference keynote speech.

Ira Mayer, president of EPM Communications Inc. and chairman of The Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association's 28th annual international conference, "Your Platform for Growth & Prosperity," has announced its keynote speaker--Alfred Rollington, CEO of London's prestigious Jane's Information Group.

He is a new face to NEPA's U.S. members--one of 20 out of 60 this year who will make their first presentation at a NEPA meeting.

Rollington believes that it is no longer enough for publishers to provide information alone. "Publishers now must turn information into knowledge and practical understanding."

For more information about the June 6-8 conference in Washington (described in NL/NL 3/31/04), as well as registration forms, contact NEPA.

1501 Wilson Blvd., #509, Arlington, VA 22209 703-527-2333, fax 703-841-0629,
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Apr 30, 2004
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