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Janakieski: EC notes progress in transport sector.

The latest report of the European Commission on Macedonia notes progress in all departments of the transport sector, which is confirmation of the effort and realized projects of the Ministry of Transport, Transport Minister Mile Janakieski said. He pointed out that the EC noted progress in the areas of electronic communications and information technologies, as well as in the areas of passenger, rail, and air traffic and internal navigation.

He informed that an action plan had already been developed for undertaking additional activities in all transport and communication sectors with the aim of full harmonization with the demands of the European Union. Talking about the remark of the EC concerning the meeting of the conditions for proving the financial stability of the transport firms, Minister Janakieski emphasized that because of the economic situation of the Macedonian transport firms it has been agreed that the Macedonian legislation should incorporate that provision in early 2013.

According to the transport minister, in order to enhance the transport sector further, the Government allocated additional funds for strengthening the capacity of the State Transport Inspectorate whereby stricter control and supervision of the transport in the road traffic will be ensured. Underlining that the development and construction of the Pan-European corridors are government priorities, Minister Janakieski informed that the construction of the Kumanovo-Tabanovce road as part of Corridor 10 was in its closing stage.

He added that as regards the Trans-European energy networks, significant progress was made and the Ministry of Transport developed a feasibility study on the priority gas pipeline connections.
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Date:Nov 15, 2010
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