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Jana flip-over scope mount.

* Sooner or later, an avid hunter will be confronted with a situation where he would dearly love to exchange his scope for a god set of open sights--instantly. Perhaps the scope has been broken in a fall, or lenses obscured by dirt, mud, or water. Whatever the reason, a hunter is out of luck when he is using a normal scope mount. High mounts that one can see under are a great help in solving the problem, however, they are somewhat awkward to use. A new scope mount has been developed by Von Clouse of Batesville, Arkansas that not only flips out of the line of sight at the push of a thumb, but returns to zero time after time.

The Jana mount is machined from solid steel to incredibly close tolerances. Massive rings pivot on a hardened steel rod that passes all the way through the left side of the base from front to rear. The pivot rod is free to move fore and aft about 1/2 inch, and is held in its rearmost position by a rather heavy spring that is coiled around a portion of the rod that extends approximately four inches to the rear of the scope base. Pushing forward on the rear end of the pivot rod with the thumb of the shooting hand causes the scope and its rings to flip 180 degrees to the left, leaving a clear view of barrel-mounted open sights.

The release mechanism is controlled by two transverse pins in the mount base that are actuated by angled cam-like cuts in the right side of the pivot rod. When the rod is pushed forward, the pins are moved to the right, forcing two spring-loaded cylindrical locking lugs out of engagement with the mount basE. A coil spring wound around the pivot rod flips the scope over to the left and out of the line of sight.

To reposition the scope, it is simply swung over to the right until the locking lugs return to their recesses. Bearing surfaces are large, and the locking lugs are hardened so that little or no wear takes place during operation of the unit.

The Jana scope mount we tested was installed on a Remington Model 760 pump-action rilfe in .270 Winchester caliber. We gave rifle and scope mount a good workout to see if we could make it lose its zero setting. We failed. We fired a ten-shot group from a benchrest, then worked the flip-over mechanism 100 times, after which we fired another group. Group sizes averaged slightly over 2-1/2 inches at 100 yards, which is not too bad for a Model 760 that is not noted as a tack driving rifle. The second group fell into exactly the same general area as the first, with no detectable difference in point of impact.

Next, we thre dirt on the mount with the scope in the "open" position to see if we could prevent its locking up properly. It was found that if the locking lug holes were clogged with dirt, the rings would not lock into place. However, the locking lug holes are easily cleaned, and it is felt that with any sort of care, dirt or debris should not cause a serious problem.

The beutifully made Jana mount is not a mass-production item. It is available on a custom basis from Jana, Inc., Dept. GA, P.O. Box 2242, Batesville, AR 72501 for a list price of $189.50.
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Title Annotation:rifle scope mount
Author:Glaze, Ralph C.
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Apr 1, 1984
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