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Jan. 30 - cemetery advisory committee.

* Kathy Ballantyne presented the monthly cemetery report, highlighting the January interments, capital projects for 2014, and the inspection by the Ministry of Consumer Services on Jan. 15.

* Discussion was held regarding the Stone Orchard cemetery software that was requested in the 2014 Cemetery Operating Budget. The software would be installed and updated with all the current cemetery records. Currently many of the cemetery records are not on the computer.

* Ballantyne advised that Derek Drabble, Cemeteries Lead Hand, had resigned and his last day would be Feb. 13. He had been with the county for 19 years. She advised that Jeff Tucker, Cemetery Operations Supervisor, was scheduled to return to work on Feb. 24.

* Ballantyne reviewed the cemetery operations proposed budget for 2014. There was a 12 per cent increase from the 2013 budget. Discussion was held on the amount allocated for inactive cemeteries. Ballantyne noted that in 2013, $80,000 was spent on monument repairs for all county cemeteries. This year the proposed budget for monument repairs was $48,000 for inactive cemeteries.

* Ballantyne advised the committee that Carol Moore, Development Services Clerk, was involved with the War of 1812 Graveside Markers Project. She had located War of 1812 veterans throughout the county who were being recognized by the federal government with a commemorative plaque. The committee viewed a plaque and discussed some options of installing it next to the veteran's gravesite. Ballantyne suggested the plaques be formed in a special mold to ensure they were not damaged by regular cemetery maintenance. She noted that the plaques for Oakland, Scotland and Mount Pleasant were scheduled to be installed in 2014.

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Title Annotation:Council briefs
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Date:Mar 28, 2014
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