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Jamie's a snake.

Sexy actress Jamie Luner must be in danger of being typecast as a superbitch.

Tonight, she can be seen as a scheming student in the movie Confessions of a Sorority Girl.

And TV viewers will recognise her as the stop-at-nothing Payton in the hit series Savannah.

She's the sultry redhead who went to bed with her pal's fiance... just hours before their wedding.

Jamie has the looks, the figure, the charisma - and the intelligence - to realise that playing the Wicked Witch is a surer route to the top than being Miss Goody Two-Shoes.

Originally scheduled to play a nice girl in Savannah, Jamie changed into sexy gear at the audition, vamped it up - and landed the part she REALLY wanted.

"It's more fun being a bitch," she said.

And the producer of the series, US soap legend Aaron Spelling, agreed. He said: "Snakes always get the best lines."

In tonight's Confessions, Jamie plays Sabra Tanner, who has to graduate from college in order to cash in on a big inheritance.

Sabra has her own ideas of how to that precious piece of graduation paper...

Cheating, lying and bullying her fellow students seems the easiest option!

(Movie Channel, 1.30am)
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 8, 1996
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