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Jami dumps his LSA awards over harassment controversy.

The director is the latest star to call out the LSAs, saying: "We stand by our women!"

As more and more stars drop out of the Lux Style Awards nominees list, Jami goes one step further and dumps the three LSA Awards he's earned over the past years on the street outside his house.

According to Jami, this comes in retaliation to the Lux Style Awards nominating an accused sexual harasser this year.

Speaking to Images the director said, "Putting out our Lux Award is an extreme reaction to an extreme action. LSA should've been more careful and sensitive towards women and their massive harassment issues. This time I feel LSA completely missed the point by not taking our women's point and stories seriously."

What started with Eman Suleman withdrawing her nomination has now snowballed to clothing brand Generation, makeup artist Saima Bargfrede, singer Meesha Shafi, folk band The Sketches, makeup artist Fatima Nasir and now Jami who minced no words when calling out the award platform.

He shared on Facebook that he will be getting rid of his awards in defiance.

"Azadfilm company and I will put all our Lux Style Awards outside my gate - it's trash for us now! We stand by our women, believe them and their stories."

The next day his awards were left on the street. "Lux Award -- yes here u go! We promised and let's hope someone picks it. For us it's done."

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 24, 2019
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