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James Traynor: Kid-ding ourselves.

Byline: James Traynor

PERHAPS in the light of reports that girls as young as 14 are seeking fertility treatment, all those pompous know-it-alls, who have been shouting about the need for more sex education in schools, might button their lips.

Children these days know all about sex and maybe we shouldn't be surprised that an increasing number of them are asking for NHS help so they can get pregnant.

These sad little girls are no more than kids themselves, yet they want babies, believing their offspring will make them immune to the hopeless and loveless lives they lead.

They'll love their babies who will love them unconditionally in return. And the state will pay.

This has to be one of the saddest trends I've heard of and I don't blame these unfortunate kids, who are really just victims of the crazy world others created.

But I do accuse those fools who insist we teach children more and more about sex as though that will help them avoid pregnancies or intimate relationships before they are mature enough.

Sex education is the only education some of these kids have and their pregnancies are not unwanted or accidental.

We need to wise up and accept there is something seriously wrong when 14 year olds are asking for fertility treatment, and must think again about the way we teach them.

It's not sex advice or information they need, it's more education on how to deal with the lives they've been born into.

They must be given hope of a life other than living on benefit with a child of their own.


BABY BLUES: Fertility treatment
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 6, 2004
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