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James Roy (2012): Miss understood.

James Roy (2012)

Miss understood

Woolshed Press/Random House: North Sydney

This book is proof that you really should never judge a book by its cover. Neither the front cover nor the blurb on the back do justice to the depth of the usually heavy topic looming in this book, depression.

Written in the first person, this book is Lizzie Adams' account of her life being home-schooled after yet another 'misunderstanding' that saw her expelled from her school. Spending much more time with her work at home parents, Lizzie | starts to notice the changing behaviour of her father, a moody food critic. She notices his declining enthusiasm, his impulse purchases and his irritability at those around him. Lizzie watches her mother carefully, noticing her mother's reactions to her father's spiralling behaviour and moods. She knows something is not quite right with her father but she can't quite put her finger on what the cause is until he eventually reveals he has what the doctor calls the 'Black Dog.'

In his book, James Roy presents us with a picture of depression through a child's eyes. He manages to keep the tone of the book light hearted and optimistic through the use of Lizzie's warm and humorous character and her ability to misunderstand the simplest of things. There were a few sections in the book that would have benefited from the liberal application of a red pen removing the parts where Roy tried to show Lizzie's humorous personality at the expense of a decent contribution to the storyline. Overall though, the book was an easy and enjoyable read.

This book would be best suited to older primary school readers who have recently been reminded not to judge a book by its cover.

Narissa Leung, Digital Learning Coach,

LMR Southern Group

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Author:Leung, Narissa
Publication:Practically Primary
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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