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James Flanagan elected president of NEPA.

James Flanagan, chairman of Marblehead, Mass.-based Opus Communications Inc., a division of HCPro, was elected president of NEPA at its annual international conference. He succeeds Marjorie Weiner.

Flanagan told the conference delegates that he sees "an attitudinal sea change in the association. It's different now--smaller but not diminished."

A spate of mergers in recent years conspired with a weak economy to reduce the number of member companies. Membership, which is at 596 now, peaked in the nineties at around 875.

NEPA executive director Patricia Wysocki told NL/NL that because of careful fiscal management the past few years the association has enough money in reserve to operate for a full year, if it had to, without any additional income.

Former NEPA secretary and 2002 conference chairman Bob Jenkins, of Health Resources Publishing, Manasquan, N.J., moved up to vice president.

Dan Oswald of Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc., Chicago, was elected secretary. The new treasurer is Ira Mayer, of EPM Communications, New York City.

Newly elected to the board are Cynthia Carter, president of Washington Business Information Inc., Falls Church, Virginia; Samantha Gardiner, president of The Coding Institute, Naples, Florida; and James O'Shea, associate publisher of Aspen Law & Business, New York City.

Re-elected to the board was James Sinkinson, president of Infocom Group, Emeryville, Calif., who served on the board in the early nineties and as president of the association in 1993-1994. Last year Sinkinson was named to the NEPA Hall of Fame.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Jun 15, 2002
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