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James Bond.


ON A visit to the cinema to see that new James Bond film (you know, the one with that blonde chap from Wirral) my sons viewed scenes that truly disgusted them. No, nothing in the film with its new "grittier" violence (they enjoyed that).

The problem was an upsetting advert for Argos. On Christmas Eve, a father comes over all schmaltzy. Peter Pan-like, he steps out on the chimney pots and reaches up for a star, presenting this at the Argos shop (an interesting form of tender as some shops now don't even accept cheques with a banker's card). In return, he receives a Scalextric set.

Cut to Christmas morning and his expectant son races down stairs to find his new Scalextric. All set up. How disgusting. His father had not only opened the box, but assembled the track.

My sons agreed this was one of the most appalling things they'd ever seen on a screen.


Daniel Craig
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 24, 2006
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