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Jameco's New Catalog Depicts Current Economic Times.

BELMONT, Calif. -- The stark image of a depression-era breadline of unemployed laborers set on San Francisco's waterfront and shot by famed photographer Dorothea Lange, is the new cover image for Jameco's current electronic components catalog. The strategy reflects the company's dramatic adjustment to reflect the hard times that has befallen the global economy.

"As we exit 2009, it's difficult to overlook the impact the economy has had on the electronic components industry," says James Farrey, Chief Operating Officer of Jameco Electronics. "We used this striking image as a reminder that we all play an important role in returning this economy back to its full strength."

To alleviate some of the economic stress, Jameco is offering customers extended price breaks, special purchase terms and, as always, inexpensive brand name alternatives. "Many engineers have switched to our house brands or lesser known brands as a strategy to reduce the material cost on their designs," says Farrey.

"White Angel Breadline" is one of Lange's most celebrated photographs. It was named after a wealthy San Francisco widow who became known as the "White Angel" when she established a soup kitchen that fed the jobless and hungry.

To request a copy of the Jameco catalog, visit

About Jameco Electronics

Jameco Electronics has been a leading electronic component distributor for over 35 years, offering customers a broad range of name brands, house brands and heavily discounted excess inventory products. Jameco sets its prices below its competitors and backs that commitment with a low price guarantee.

Jameco's product line includes digital and analog semiconductors, interconnects, passives, electromechanical, wall transformers, power supplies, fans, prototype/design, test equipment and tools. To get a free copy of the catalog, visit or call 1-800-831-4242.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 13, 2009
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