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Jakob Muller NH2 53 narrow fabric loom.

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The NH2 53 narrow fabrics loom successfully launched recently is now available on the market with an electronically controlled SPE3 384 jacquard machine with a new strengthened version.

The NHJM2 53 possesses ingenious machine controls that are programmed using a portable device with wireless data transfer. All relevant data such as fabric design, speed and weft density are stored via this tool which allows the keeping of precise operational statistics. Several machines can be programmed using a single portable device and as a new feature, machine programming using MACAD is also possible.

Production costs are lower due to an energy requirement of less than 2kW and limited servicing expenditure. Moreover, spare part consumption is reduced owing to the use of fewer mechanical components.

Advantages of the NHJM2 53 jacquard narrow fabrics loom

- For elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics with woven-in motifs such as names, logos and fashionable decorative ele- ments with a warp effect.

- With patterning possibilities using up to 384 hooks and an additional eight electronically controlled, reinforced heald shafts.

- Compact design with high levels of operating friendliness for a wide range of applications

- High levels of energy efficiency.

Practically unlimited repeat lengths owing to linear motor driven heald shafts

- Maximum pattern length of 6,300 picks.

- Heald shafts with increased lifting power means higher warp tensions can be handled compared to previous NH2 models.

- Large heald shaft and jacquard machine sheds implies that HMT and Z weaving systems are now possible.

- The same shaft geometries as in other NF products means that the standard NF healds can be used effectively.

- Individual shaft strokes can be simply adjusted mechanically.

Quick pattern changes are provided by electronic shaft con- trol.

- Thread guidance, fabric take-off, weaving and creep speeds are all electronically controlled and infinitely adjustable.

- Precise fabric take-off is ensured by non-slip calender and pressure roller surface coverings.

Further information can be obtained from their representative ATC in Pakistan.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
Article Type:Product/service evaluation
Date:Mar 31, 2015
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