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Jailed pervert 'a real danger' CRIME: Alleyway sex attack on woman making way home.

Byline: Mark Cowan

PREDATORY sex beast Wayne Tack was described by police today as "a real danger to women".

Tack was jailed on Wednesday for attacking a lone woman in a Birmingham alleyway as she made her way home from Longbridge train station.

The court heard he dragged the victim to the ground and said he would rape her unless she handed over her handbag in November.

It emerged today that the professional woman struggled to fight him off as he sexually assaulted her and bit his fingers.

Police said traces of blood Tack left on the victim due to her biting him led to his speedy downfall.

A quick-thinking officer took a swab of the tiny droplets of blood and they were fast-tracked through the DNA database by the Forensic Science Service.

Within 48 hours of the attack, detectives had Tack's name and arrested him.

The 29-year-old, of Windsor Close, West Heath, pleaded guilty to charges of robbery and sexual assault and was handed an indeterminate prison sentence at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday.

Det Con Carol Baddley, of Bournville CID, said "Tack carried out an horrific attack on a lone professional woman who showed real bravery to fight back.

"It was as a direct result of her biting the offender and the immediate actions of the police to preserve evidence at the scene that Tack was arrested within two days." Police hope the sentence and the speed of his arrest would encourage more victims to report if they have been victim of a sexual assault.

Acting Det Chief Insp Richard Mayhew, of Bournville CID, said: "He was a nasty predatory offender.

"It felt as though this was somebody who had done this before and thought it quite likely that the offender would have been on the DNA database.

"The result in this case is extremely significant. A man who was a real danger to women has been imprisoned, and equally importantly this victim should be an encouragement to all other women to report sexual assault to the police.

"Such matters will always be investigated with dignity and professionalism."


Danger: Wayne Tack.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 6, 2009
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