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Jail warning for sex blackmailer.

A woman found guilty of blackmailing a retired international footballer was yesterday warned she could face jail.

Carolyn Pick threatened to ruin the career and reputation of the ex-footballer by claiming she would take a recording of alleged phone sex to the press unless he paid her off.

Recorded on audio cassettes she sent to the ex-footballer, Pick (36) carefully spelt out how the phone sex would also destroy his marriage and family life.

Although no direct demands for money or property were made, Pick said she liked expensive cars, big houses, fine wines and beautiful restaurants, adding that she was sure he could find a way of 'correcting matters'.

Unemployed Pick, from Washington, Tyne and Wear, denied blackmail.

After hearing seven days of evidence the jury of seven men and five women took just 35 minutes to find the former beauty queen guilty of blackmail.

The jury had considered two alternative counts of blackmail and found Pick guilty of the more serious indictment.

The judge discharged the jury from finding a verdict on the less serious charge.

Judge David Hodson remanded Pick in custody after hearing from prosecutor Robert Woodcock that there was a chance she would contact the footballer again if granted bail.

Judge Hodson ordered psychiatric and pre-sentence reports to determine whether Pick is fit to face custody and added the usual penalty for blackmail is imprisonment.

Pick, a former secretary, looked on impassively as the verdict was returned and as she was led away by security guards.

During the trial the court heard that Pick duped the footballer into calling her in 1995.

She alleged she had phone sex with the ex-footballer - a claim he denied - and bombarded him with letters and pictures asking him to call again.

In 1997 she was cautioned by police for harassment, but in 1999 and January this year she sent the ex-footballer cassettes with threatening messages recorded on them.

She alleged she had a tape recording of them having phone sex which she would take to the press unless he was 'very nice' to her.

Pick denied blackmail, saying she only wanted him to apologise for failing to reply to her fan mail, but the jury dismissed those claims which prosecutor Robert Woodcock branded 'clear lies'.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 19, 2000
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