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Jaguar Intelligence plus economy for label printing.

Jaguar Intelligence Plus Economy for Label Printing

Compular Ltd manufacture what is claimed to be the most intelligent and economic in-line thermal transfer printer for identifying products either directly on to the packaging or via polymer paper base labels.

The Compular Jaguar will print labelling items for consumer, trade units or palletised goods, with a choice of sizes in labelling heads. A special model has been designed specifically for the printing on to the polymer based' neckties' used in the bakery industry.

Jaguar will produce alpha-numeric, graphic or barcode format information which can be updated or varied instantly. It works at speeds of two to four times that of 'semi intelligent' thermal transfer methods.

Economic operation of Jaguar is made possible by optimising the maximum size or number of characters by using true proportional spacing plus kerning, thus providing foil and label savings. The fact that Jaguar's foil only moves the distance of the printed area rather than the whole label provides further savings.

Jaguar can be oriented to ALWAYS print across the shortest distance of a rectangle. This is particularly important as barcodes are always printed across their shortest distance.

Retrieval System

Nerve-centre of Compular's Jaguar is its control box which, at the touch of a button, instructs the printer to produce specific labelling information, that can be changed in a straightforward manner by an on-line operator, thus providing the opportunity for real time input of labeling information. The control box is also a storage and retrieval system for the information that it sends out, recording the information - and the number of labels - printed during a particular shift or over any period of time.

Jaguar's intelligence is derived from information programmed via Compular's straightforward Jaguar/Rom Software. This records information on to a plastics memory card that is inserted into the control box. Templates artwork designs and alpha-numeric or barcode information can be transferred on to the memory card which replaces the conventional floppy disc.

The card can be used on any applicator which contains Compular's Jaguar, thus enabling manufacturers to switch production from line to line, without having to transfer entire printing machinery.

Compular stocks applicators for use in conjunction with Jaguar. They also operate a fixed-price maintenance plan which includes replacement of printheads.

PHOTO : Compular's Jaguar thermal printer
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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