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Jacobus Announces Availability of PlantSpace Design Series.


Unified Plant Data Model Offers Unprecedented Design Flexibility and Ease of Use for Single Users and Global Workgroups

Jacobus today announces the release of the new PlantSpace(TM) Design Series software, a suite of 3D design and modeling applications for piping, equipment, pipe support, structural, heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), cable tray, and conduit modeling.

The PlantSpace Design Series is a highly flexible system that can be used for large or small projects, on desktops or across global networks -- without the cumbersome project set up and data management associated with traditional plant design systems.

"The PlantSpace Design Series is a remarkably flexible approach to design," says Robert Keith, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Jacobus. "Easy parametric modeling allows users to quickly draft and reach the proof-of-concept stage -- running interference checks and inputting design information such as line numbers -- before detailed engineering begins."

The PlantSpace Design Series is scaleable in order to address the requirements at hand, whether a user is creating a small project, reusing an existing drawing, or designing an entire plant. A single user can run a project independently on the desktop, or a workgroup can collaborate over a local-area network or global wide-area network, sharing a common plant model. The architecture of the Design Series makes it applicable to both large and small projects, allowing users to work together from anywhere in the world.

"The PlantSpace Design Series far exceeds competing 3D design packages for ease of use and low cost while offering state-of-the- art object technology," says Mike Shuman, mechanical designer in the Chemical Process group at SSOE, Inc., an engineering and architecture company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, and beta testers of the Design Series. He continues, "PlantSpace is really in a class by itself."

Built on Jacobus' JSpace(TM) object-oriented technology, PlantSpace is a highly productive environment, offering easy creation and manipulation of data in a manageable central data model that does not require constant data linking at every design step. Users working from the data model can check in and out only the relevant components and reference data, without the conventional spatial bounds of computer-aided design files. Another advantage of the Design Series' integrated central data model is the ability to perform functions from any point in the 3D design process; for example, users can create bills of material or quickly add new components to the catalog during the modeling session.

"The Design Series delivers the powerful reality of a full object modeling system, built on one shared plant model," says Buddy Cleveland, president of Jacobus. "From this single data model, users can perform workgroup design and generate all the required reports and material take-offs -- without data conversion and redundant input."

The PlantSpace Design Series provides a common core foundation that includes tools for spec generation, full reporting, and 2D drawing production. Included are interfaces to stress analysis applications and Isogen for automatic generation of isometrics.

Controllable Access to Plant Information

Used with the PlantSpace Integration Tools software, PlantSpace Design Series models are integrated with information from most Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-compliant databases and spreadsheets. Throughout the plant life cycle, users can directly integrate 3D design data with information from scheduling, procurement, documentation and Web pages, construction, and maintenance. The value of this remarkable data access is further enhanced by the Integration Tools' ability to provide data links between PlantSpace Design Series and a host of leading 3D plant design systems from multiple vendors.

Product Availability

PlantSpace Design Series is available now. The first release contains modules for equipment, pipe, and pipe support modeling; a full range of reporting, drafting, and bill-of material creation capabilities; and direct integration with design review, interference detection, and isometric production, as well as links to stress analysis applications. A second release, in 1997, will include electrical, HVAC, and structural modules.

About Jacobus, a Bentley Strategic Affiliate

Jacobus Technology, Inc. provides software products and services to the AEC and plant operations communities, with concentration on the process and energy industries. Jacobus is looked to as the premier life-cycle solutions provider by plant owners/operators and engineering/construction firms across the globe, providing 3D computer-aided design, animation, project management, and information management applications.

Jacobus is a Strategic Affiliate of Bentley, a worldwide leader in engineering software products and user services to the AEC industry, serving over 250,000 engineering professionals worldwide. Jacobus Technology is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Jacobus can be reached

-- by telephone at 301-926-0802

-- by FAX at 301-926-2313

-- by E-mail at

-- via the World Wide Web at -0-

JSpace and PlantSpace are trademarks of Jacobus Technology, Inc. MicroStation is a registered trademark; and Bentley is a trademark of Bentley Systems Incorporated. All other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

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Date:Apr 2, 1997
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