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Jackson native Brad Edwards signs new 3-year deal with ESPN.

College football's Bowl Championship Series was retired following the 2013 season, but ESPN's BCS expert will continue to offer commentary on the sport this fall--in a revamped role.

Jackson native Brad Edwards has signed a new three-year contract with ESPN and said last week that he will continue to fill a variety of roles for the sports broadcasting behemoth.

"I am thrilled to continue with ESPN and be a part of our coverage of the first college football playoff, said Edwards, a Jackson Academy graduate. Edwards "This contract will take me past the 20-year milestone with the company, which is something I never would've imagined when I first joined ESPN in 1996."

Edwards started at ESPN as a research assistant and worked his way into an on-air position by developing a deep understanding of the, at times, confusing and complicated BCS formula used to determine the two teams that would meet each year to play in the major college football championship game.

With a new playoff format beginning this season, Edwards' BCS analysis is no longer needed. But he will offer analysis on the playoff format and other issues this fall on ESPN's SportsCenter news shows and on other ESPN platforms. He will continue to write articles for and be a guest on ESPN radio shows. Additionally, he will serve as a guest host on the highly popular "Paul Finebaum Radio Show" on the new SEC Network.

Edwards is scheduled to return to Jackson on Sept. 8 and speak to the Jackson Touchdown Club at River Hills Tennis Club.

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Comment:Jackson native Brad Edwards signs new 3-year deal with ESPN.(SPORTS BUSINESS)
Author:Hampton, Rusty
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Date:Aug 22, 2014
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