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Jack's tunes left warm glow.

FERAL cries of "I love you, Jack!", "Bless you, Jack!" and the easily misjudged as playground teasing, "Surf's up, Jack!" bounced around Symphony Hall as a lone spotlight bounced off the head of the now 38-year-old Hawaii native.

His effortless sun-drenched melodies started - on a dark and rainy Thursday in Birmingham - alone and acoustic with Do You Remember, new single I Got You and Good People acting as teasing hors d'oeuvres before fan favourites Flake, Taylor and Sitting, Waiting, Wishing got the full band treatment.

Washing Dishes signalled the arrival of said full band, including Jack Johnson SYMPHONY HALL, BIRMINGHAM REVIEW the world's most one-paced bassist and multi-instrumentalist Zach Gill, whose highlight was a toss up between a knee sliding accordion solo and the revelation of his ridiculous vocals being placed halfway between sounding like Randy Newman and a surf-pop Michael McDonald. Wasted talent, that guy.

An audience clap-driven Bubble Toes, lyrically challenged Banana Pancakes and a rowdy Staple It Together got an airing before less of an encore and more of an interval commenced. Upon Jack's return, a fumbled new one written about his daughter preceeded Ones and Zeros and Better Together, before the band - accompanied by support troupe Bahamas - finished with 2008's Home.

In the same way Elvis Presley would ruggedly attempt to croon your trousers off, Jack Johnson instead soothed your board shorts back on. Chuck us my goggles will you, I'm off for a dip in the sea. VERDICT: TOM PELL


Jack Johnson has a sunny disposition
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 14, 2013
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