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Jack's career is looking rather Rosie; PICK OF THE DAY bounty huntersSky1, 10pm.

COMEDIAN Jack Whitehall was obviously keen to break away from his usual role of posh idiot - he's scripted himself in the role of an action hero.

He and Bad Education writing pal Freddy Syborn have penned Bounty Hunters, a comedy caper, which Jack describes as an homage to 80s movies like Lethal Weapon.

And like all good buddy action thrillers, Jack needs a partner in crime - enter Rosie Perez (yes, actual Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress Rosie, who starred in 90s blockbusters White Men Can't Jump and Fearless).

Rosie plays the gumchewing, gun-toting New York bounty hunter Nina Morales.

Meanwhile, Jack begins in rather predictable manner - as posh Cambridge university student Barnaby who has no street smarts, but impeccable manners, drives a tiny electric G-Wiz car and lives in Wimbledon.

We've seen this before, but don't worry, Barnaby's quiet life is about to spiral out of control - giving Jack a chance to do a few stunts and car chases (albeit in a 14mph G-Wiz) and pretend he's Mel Gibson.

It begins when Barnaby's dad (Robert Lindsay) ends up in hospital after mysteriously falling out of a window. Then, as Barnaby tries to save the family's cash-strapped business, a dodgy deal masterminded by his dad leaves him PS50,000 down and in the possession of looted treasure from Syria.

"You're in charge of the shop for a week and you end up crowdfunding ISIS," exclaims his wild sister Leah (Charity Wakefield). Fortunately Leah bumped into Nina while travelling (that's another story) and they decide to hire her.

And so we have the classic chalk and cheese partnership - Nina is wanted by a dangerous Mexican drug cartel, while Barnaby is doing a PhD in Flemish textiles.

You'll need to give this a chance, but once it all gets going, it's a funny, action-packed romp.


Above, Rosie Perez as bounty hunter Nina Morales and Jack Whitehall as Barnaby in Sky's new comedy Bounty Hunters.Left, Nina and Barnaby with Barnaby's sister Leah (Charity Wakefield) and dad played by Robert Lindsay

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 25, 2017
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