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Talk about a time waster - it never came to anything; But should it have got anywhere in the first place? Mar 20, 2020 773
A safe pair of hands. Mar 6, 2020 1422
THE TRUE HELL OF HORIZON; Glitches in the Post Office's Horizon accounting system - the phantom that haunted the 500+ subpostmasters for 20 years - have been hammered by the court. This is the story from one of the many caught up in the scandal. Mar 6, 2020 1872
The Budget looms: will it include a reduction in rates? Feb 21, 2020 297
I know I am meant to be something of a Jac of all trades; ...But some things aren't quite my remit; in fact, well beyond. Feb 7, 2020 186
PayPoint, then Payzone, then PayPoint again; This to-ing and fro-ing was threatening to come at a cost. Feb 7, 2020 218
Oops, and double oops and make that triple, etc; It's 'human error' at Smiths and then a language barrier. Feb 7, 2020 256
Anybody there? I'd like to transfer some money... ...into my account, for advertising your services. Feb 7, 2020 360
Which way is the right way around? It depends; Not all card processing machines work the same it seems. Jan 24, 2020 163
This was an extra they really could do without; It was a case of adding insult to injury in this ATM charges story. Jan 24, 2020 227
Recommendations required, please and thank you; Where can I lay my hands on...? Endorsements needed here. Jan 24, 2020 245
Here's a warning for anyone selling their business; Camelot won't take kindly to anyone handing over their Retailer ID. Jan 24, 2020 383
Is there justice now finally on the Horizon for subpostmasters? Will computer glitches on their accounting systems lead to compensation? Dec 13, 2019 140
The former hit is no longer showing on a screen near you; Will there ever be a remake? Rhino Media hopes so. Dec 13, 2019 432
PayPoint or Payzone? Dec 13, 2019 269
So much crime... so little help. Is it worse than ever? This retailer has good reason to think it is so. Dec 13, 2019 498
How do you feel about notifying the police? It isn't that easy and the response often isn't good. Nov 29, 2019 253
This dragged on... and on...and on... for years; Then it got sorted very swiftly via the press oice. Nov 29, 2019 219
Three more for the price of one but in a good way; Some quick pointers from someone who is keen to share. Nov 29, 2019 165
Some people will go that extra mile to con you; Watch out for this triple dose of men behaving very badly. Nov 29, 2019 370
There's no happy ending yet in this media screens tale; Here's another update on those retailers stuck with long leases and big bills for no in-store ads. Nov 15, 2019 262
Wake up and smell...could it possibly be a rat? Just how small is the coffee machine world? Nov 15, 2019 296
Now the local parade has a Bestone and a Best-two; This was a fascia swap too far for this retailer. Nov 15, 2019 512
There was a bright side to oset the daily angst; A day out with suppliers was just the ticket. Nov 1, 2019 286
What's your most perishable line? Answer: the news; It goes o quicker than bread so some prioritising is in order. Nov 1, 2019 249
Was it a balls-up or a cunning con? Rating: no stars; The media screens business model was a box-office flop. Nov 1, 2019 553
Do you have screens with ads on them? And are you now stuck with paying PS299 per month for a different deal? Oct 18, 2019 255
Is it a storm in a coffee cup or a new opportunity? An enforced supplier switch is going to be a pain, so choose carefully. Oct 18, 2019 349
If you preach data security, you need to live up to it; There are better ways to transport sensitive info, Elavon. Oct 18, 2019 491
He's got it in black and white... ... and that means there is nothing they can do about it. Oct 4, 2019 455
Don't ignore those bits of paper that arrive on your mat; It could be an expensive oversight - in this case about PS1,000. Dec 14, 2018 252
And then there is the other wholesaler on the news supply scene; There really isn't much to choose between the two of them. Dec 14, 2018 310
It took nearly three weeks to resolve one small issue; By now this wholesaler should know what it's doing. Dec 14, 2018 396
Co-operation! Nov 16, 2018 276
It's a sign of the times: a DIY special. Nov 16, 2018 196
Talk about muddy waters: confusion all round. Nov 16, 2018 329
They don't call it fine print for nothing. Nov 16, 2018 275
In the heat of the moment it seemed like a good idea. Nov 16, 2018 294
The threat of bankruptcy called for prompt action; It was really an idle threat, though, which collapsed when challenged. Nov 2, 2018 138
You could do without the competition; But, in most cases, it just doesn't work that way. Nov 2, 2018 266
Rateable value rises - so too does the liquor licence; So it's a double whammy. The score is council one: you, zero. Nov 2, 2018 224
Delivering the goods. Nov 2, 2018 276
Don't judge a book (or a customer) by their cover; Just because they don't look crooked doesn't mean they aren't. Nov 2, 2018 367
It was just another admin screw-up but ouch... Oct 19, 2018 157
Times change but the terms of the lease haven't. Oct 19, 2018 524
Watch out for statutory demands - they need a reply. Oct 19, 2018 269
Give the Feds a chance to prove what they can do. Oct 19, 2018 139
Oops, there was a glitch in electronic card payments; And thousands of customers got charged twice. Oct 5, 2018 184
'We are in good shape, and the future looks bright' Booker replies to the foregoing concerns of a disgruntled retailer. Oct 5, 2018 117
Is the customer always right? It's debatable; What to do about the ones who bore you rigid? Oct 5, 2018 232
Past good. Present, not so much. Future... in doubt; This retailer doesn't like what he sees as the outcome of the Tesco-Booker deal. Oct 5, 2018 422
Stinging reports from newsagents who just want decent service; Not wrong orders, late orders, missing copies. Sep 21, 2018 445
A farewell, a thank you and a warning for others; A bit more help would have been appreciated. Sep 21, 2018 190
Card charges: only popular as a topic for discussion; Not everyone knows you can charge for cashback. Sep 21, 2018 144
Can I get rate relief on two stores fairly near each other? Not if the rateable value is too high, is the answer to that. Sep 21, 2018 224
Pass the parcel. Editorial Sep 7, 2018 271
Why aren't there clearer guides to CCTV data rules? Editorial Sep 7, 2018 536
Was this a case of sloppy police work or vindictiveness? Editorial Sep 7, 2018 341
Action needed as chargebacks in the limelight again. Editorial Sep 7, 2018 239
Do you handle parcels? And do you keep tabs? One retailer has started doublechecking and she doesn't like the results. Aug 24, 2018 526
In 15 years they never had a problem with the National Lottery; Then there was three months of fighting over Scratchcards returns. Aug 24, 2018 139
When it comes to chargebacks, you are the fall guys; Is there somewhere oicial one can complain about the unfairness? Aug 24, 2018 391
Smiths News complaints take a different turn... Aug 10, 2018 198
Shop around. Aug 10, 2018 257
Things can get a bit blurry after a company takeover. Aug 10, 2018 226
... but this one has left us scratching our heads. Aug 10, 2018 234
In a heatwave tempers are sometimes short. Aug 10, 2018 232
Gary bags a good news story on plastic waste. Aug 10, 2018 120
Are police ignoring crime-hit retailers? All the evidence unfortunately points to 'yes'. Jul 27, 2018 144
If you do home news delivery do you get paid more? Every little helps - especially when there's a principle at stake. Jul 27, 2018 398
It was bad but it could have been worse; What do you do when you get a crowd 'shopping'? Jul 27, 2018 553
Sometimes there's just no way round the middle man; And, of course, it usually adds another level of cost. Jul 13, 2018 530
Calling all hole-inthe-wall retailers regarding rates; How many retailers have settled out of court over this? Jul 13, 2018 339
Sometimes it takes a bit of time before things get sorted; The main thing is that it does get sorted out in the end. Jul 13, 2018 264
This story also concerns a loyalty scheme... ... but this one had a much better outcome for the retailer involved. Jun 29, 2018 197
Was he or wasn't he owed some sizeable rewards? A confusing dispute that seems to be digging itself into a hole. Jun 29, 2018 245
If you scratch the surface there do seem to be faults; An automated system isn't working for all National Lottery retailers. Jun 29, 2018 319
Lost and found. Jun 29, 2018 274
Just for a change... we're dispensing some good news; And believe it or not it happens to be on the tobacco front. Jun 29, 2018 308
A moving story. Jun 15, 2018 262
Hopefully the Feds' campaign will get somewhere; Newsagents deserve better treatment than they are getting. Jun 15, 2018 238
With any contract you have to pay close attention to the wording; It's worth remembering that they are written by lawyers with their clients in mind. Jun 15, 2018 292
Cashzone leads on the complaints-tothis-column front; There isn't room for all of them so here are two of the worst. Column Jun 15, 2018 471
All they want is a fully-functioning cash machine... that gives out money on request, not keeps it for itself. Jun 1, 2018 480
You can't charge for taking cards, but the ones in the middle can; They're chipping away at all sides, looking after their pennies. Jun 1, 2018 247
It's been a very slow burn for some retailers in the drive to promote cigarettes; The scheme aims to ignite cigarette sales, but it has managed to stub out some loyalty. Jun 1, 2018 347
Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns; If you don't, you might get badly gored - in the wallet. May 18, 2018 173
In one week there will be new data protection rules; Like all regs it has its funny little wrinkles you need to note. May 18, 2018 329
At least when you retire you have time to seek justice; This ex-retailer is taking it right to the top and is not giving in. May 18, 2018 455
Caught on camera. May 4, 2018 279
A direct debit screw-up can have spiralling results. May 4, 2018 307
A tip from a supersavvy retailer on equipment. May 4, 2018 182
He got turned down, but turned himself around. May 4, 2018 273
Nearly a month with a dead lottery terminal is too long. May 4, 2018 322
Winds of change. Apr 20, 2018 275
Enough is enough. It has been years of poor service. Apr 20, 2018 334
Offered a contract? Please read before you sign. Apr 20, 2018 387
Rules is rules: make sure you follow them. Apr 20, 2018 402
Never mind having to read between the lines... Editorial Apr 6, 2018 197
For some it has been a bit David and Goliath. Editorial Apr 6, 2018 168

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