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Jabiluka BLOCKADE!

Mirrar people have fought to protect country and people from uranium mining for many years. Now, we are defending our country against the proposed Jabiluka uranium mine.

We invite you to come to our country to join our struggle to uphold the cultural and environmental values of Kakadu.

Mirrar Clan, traditional owners of Jabiluka

At the invitation of the Mirrar people, a permanent blockade camp will be in place at Jabiluka from 23 March. Please join us. This is the opportunity of a lifetime -- to camp on Mirrar country, hear their story, experience the wonders of Kakadu. And to stop Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) from proceeding with the construction of the Jabiluka mine. We expect ERA to begin construction in late April or early May. The blockade will involve hundreds of people, and might need to continue for the whole of the dry season or to the end of 1998.

The blockade is an important part of the national campaign, but alone will not stop the mine. It must be supported by campaign activities in the main population centres, particularly with the federal election drawing near.

The message of opposition continues to grow. Recently Mirrar people and their representatives toured nationally, speaking against the mine in cities and regional centres. Other activists have taken the message overseas, to the USA, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. The European Parliament has called on the Australian government not to proceed with the Jabiluka project. A growing number of people in these countries recognise the direct link between uranium mining and the complex, costly and toxic process of nuclear power.

In Australia activists have lobbied politicians, spoken at public meetings, made presentations to a broad range of community and social groups, hosted film screenings and acted creatively and consistently to tell the true stow of what is at risk with the Jabiluka proposal.

Please help us to protect the country and culture of Kakadu. Come to the blockade if you can or help sponsor someone to go for you.

For blockade information -- how to get there, what to bring, what to expect -- please call the Environment Centre NT on (08) 8981 1984.

Don't forget, if you cannot make it to Kakadu there are still ways to be involved:

* Help raise money. Campaign funds are urgently needed for blockade costs, promotional material and lobbying trips.

* Show the video Jabiluka, which follows the struggle of the Mirrar people against uranium mining, from Ranger through to Jabiluka. Order a copy from Michele at ACF, Ph: (03) 9926 6704.

* Spread the word, by distributing Jabiluka campaign information in your community.

* Use the media, by calling talk-back radio and writing letters to the editor.

* Jayne Weepers is Coordinator of the Environment Centre NT and an ACF Councillor.
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Author:W, Jayne
Publication:Habitat Australia
Date:Apr 1, 1998
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