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Finding a packaged cream soup that's low in sodium and that tastes great is next to impossible. Make that was. Imagine Soups manage to pull off the minor miracle.

The secret to making a delicious full-flavored creamy soup? Organic vegetables simmered with spices, then pureed with a little soy milk or rice flour for thickening. The result: Creamy Broccoli, Tomato, Potato Leek, Sweet Corn, Portobello Mushroom, or Butternut Squash.

The vegetarian heat-and-eat soups come in shelf-stable cartons, so they don't need to be refrigerated until you open them. And they average just 380 milligrams of sodium per cup. That's worlds better than canned soups like Campbell's Cream of Mushroom (900 mg). It even beats Campbell's Healthy Request line (which averages 460 mg).

And the vegetables are chock full of vitamins. Example: A cup of the Creamy Butternut Squash has enough squash to supply 70 percent of a day's vitamin A (the Creamy Broccoli has 60 percent and the Creamy Tomato has 20 percent).

Imagine Organic No-Chicken Broth and Organic Vegetable Broth are two other winners--oodles of flavor yet just 460 mg of sodium per cup (you won't find a rich-tasting broth with less).

Imagine the possibilities.

Imagine Foods: (650) 595-6300.
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