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Byline: Oliver Holt

JU ta tu JURGEN KLOPP stopped talking for a moment and turned towards the window, a wry smile on his face. A group of Bayern Munich fans were on the other side of the glass and they were having fun.

Mot th They knew the Dortmund coach was giving his post-match press briefing and were celebrating just for his benefit.

co po an fo w They banged on the windows for all they were worth and a replica Champions League trophy bobbed up and down, held by unseen hands.

Klopp stared at it and then turned back to his audience. "Yeah," he said, as if that one word would draw a line under everything.

He looked heartbroken.

Not just because Bayern had won the Final with a last-gasp goal but because the future for Dortmund looks tough.

Bayern are buying up his players and may get even stronger next season when Pep Guardiola arrives.

Klopp is a coach who has built a fine side against the odds and is seeing a giant tearing it limb from limb.

Mario Gotze, perhaps the jewel in his crown, sat in the stands at Wembley, a victim of injury and of Bayern's acquisitiveness.

Somehow, the fact that Gotze had agreed to join Bayern next season leaked out before the Final.

"It was like a heart attack," Klopp said of the moment he was told the news. He spoke of players being "damaged in the heart".

But Klopp knows it won't stop there. He knows that Bayern will keep coming back for more.

A few minutes after he had spoken, in fact, the outgoing Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes struck a rare disrespectful note.

When he was asked about Dortmund's future his answer amounted to a dismissive sneer.

Heynckes said: "We know Gotze will be joining us and I don't think Robert Lewandowski will be hanging about either."

The room winced when Heynckes said that. Talk about kicking a man when he's down.

Klopp knows the process of recovery will not be easy but said: "We have to go on. We need players because other clubs want ours.

"But in two years I heard the Final is in Berlin. That would be a good place to get back to the Final."

Even in his despair, Klopp still managed to raise a laugh or two.

"It has been great to be in London, the city of the Olympic Games," he said.

"Everything has been great. It was just that the result was so s**t."



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Date:May 27, 2013
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