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JSB Announces INTRAnet Jazz; A Corporate Revolution in Viewing and Accessing Information.

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 6, 1996--JSB Corporation announced the the first integrated Intranet suite, INTRAnet Jazz.

Designed to deliver the benefits of Internet technologies into corporate organizations, INTRAnet Jazz contains both client and server components. An HTML web based interface, 'The Kiosk' is provided for Windows 16 and 32 bit clients, and includes 'AlphaBrowser' which supports terminal based servers. The components of INTRAnet Jazz represent a revolutionary means of accessing information behind the company firewall that is direct, fast, and efficient.

Steve Purdham, managing director for JSB, said "In today's competitive business environment, rapid, effective communication is the key to success. INTRAnet Jazz takes advantage of highly robust, low cost, proven Internet technology to deliver all of an organization's information resources to the desktop, with minimal time, cost and effort."

The INTRAnet Jazz Client provides an integrated suite of Windows 95 and Windows NT tools for Intranet access, including a web browser. It enables Windows users to eliminate the complexity of Intranet access by presenting a unified interface to all services and resources.

Designed and written from the ground up, for 32bit windows platforms, INTRAnet Jazz Client takes full advantage of technologies such as OLE and multimedia. For example, a web document referenced on a remote database can be visualized in a terminal window, and accessed by a single click. An embedded reference to a remote file in a terminal or mail window can be downloaded automatically.

The Kiosk interface, which comes with INTRAnet Jazz Client, is HTML based and can be customized to meet customer needs. This is particularly helpful for companies who want to take advantage of their PC desktop investment but do not want the complexity of a Windows interface. The Kiosk provides interfaces that are consistent across platforms, increasing user productivity and decreasing training overhead.

The INTRAnet Jazz Server delivers rich hypermedia information across the enterprise. It combines a high-performance communications server and proxy server in one. The INTRAnet Jazz Server is extensible and portable to meet the demands made of a corporate web server. The AlphaBrowser supports server terminals by providing a customizable menu driven user interface. This interface provides popup menus and dialog boxes while supporting popular Internet utilities like ftp, News, Gopher and Telnet services.

INTRAnet Jazz Client with the Kiosk is available across Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and NT. INTRAnet Jazz Server with the AlphaBrowser is currently available for Windows NT, IBM AIX and SCO UNIX. Additional server platforms will rollout over the next three months.

JSB Corporation is a subsidiary of JSB Computer Systems Limited, an international software developer with offices in the U.K. and U.S. Founded in 1981, JSB has a world-wide distribution network, OEM agreements with major UNIX suppliers and over 5.5 million users. JSB is recognized as a leading force in user interface, communication, and integration technology. Telephone (408) 438-8300. E-mail: -0-


INTRAnet Jazz Client includes:

-- Microsoft OLE2 enablement -- Industrial-strength Web source technology licensed from

Spyglass Inc. -- Support of industry-standard TCP/IP FTP protocol -- Full OLE Drag and Drop support:

- between local and remote, or remote to remote system

- Windows applications into File Transfer

- Web ftp URLs directly into File Transfer -- FTP entire directory structures between local and remote, or

remote to remote

Terminal Emulation -- Supports industry-standard TCP/IP Telnet and Rlogin protocols -- Industry hardened emulation delivering the high speed and

accurate vt100, vt220 and SCO

ANSI emulation -- Save connection profiles for automatic reuse -- Full scripting interface for Visual Basic and other open

scripting engines -- In-built scripting with innovative Learn Mode -- OLE2-enabled for Automation and Embedding as an In-place Activated

OLE Server -- Also supports DDE for backwards compatibility -- Intuitive, simple Copy and Paste with fast-track

'Action Menu' Copy/Paste -- Web-enabled to allow on-screen objects to be activated as Web URLs,

files, etc. -- TrueType font support with full Unicode character set handling -- Graphical keyboard remapping -- Completely configurable scrollback buffer -- Windows 95 architectural file-based configuration for ultimate


Remote Printing -- Supports industry-standard TCP/IP lpr/lpd protocols for

bi-directional printing -- Completely transparent PC to remote printer mapping -- Installs as architectural Windows 95 Port Monitor to allow

transparent Windows to remote lpd daemon printing -- Always available for action and reconfiguration via Windows 95

taskbar notification area

MultiPing -- Supports industry-standard TCP/IP protocols for remote service

detection - - ICMP, Telnet, FTP, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, RLOGIN, REXEC, RSH, or direct

Port access -- Simple, user-centric method of detecting temporary service

unavailability -- Immediate graphical and audio feedback -- Handles all relevant TCP/IP protocols, not just ICMP (ping), on

three levels to detect DNS name service translation, host

availability and actual service presence -- Available in-context from other INTRAnet Client components

TCP/IP stack and NFS -- Industrial-strength alternative TCP/IP solution to Microsoft

Windows 95 stack -- High-performance 32-bit Windows VxD TCP/IP protocol -- NDIS3, NDIS2 and ODI driver support -- SLIP and PPP support for users in dial-up (modem) environments -- DHCP support for dynamic IP address allocation -- RIP Router Discovery to build routing tables dynamically -- Optional NFS client add-on for reliable, high-performance

NFS support

Electronic Mail -- Author Web-enabled email with rich text and graphic content -- MIME support for both outgoing and incoming mail -- Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP and MIME TCP/IP standard mail protocols -- View incoming richly formatted email using Web Browser technology,

completely transparently -- Natural compound-document support -- Complete OLE2 integration with other INTRAnet Client components -- Automatic launch of third-party Windows applications for

attachment display -- Tree-view folder hierarchy with drag and drop functionality -- Alternatively, use third-party Microsoft MAPI-compliant emailer

completely transparently

INTRAnet Jazz Server: -The enhanced web server for the corporate intranet -- A combined All-in-One Communications Server and Proxy Server -- Designed to deliver rich hypermedia information across an enterprise -- High-performance, case-hardened, extended and portable -- Based on CERN/W3C consortium standard, proven codeset -- Includes AlphaBrowser for character terminal web access Supported Platforms: Windows NT, IBM AIX and SCO UNIX -- CGI (Common Gateway Interface) 1.1 compliance -- MIME-typing supported through filename extensions -- Imagemap support -- Event logging with common log format -- Directory indexing -- Virtual hosting. Supports multiple web sites on a single server. -- Standards compatible. Complies with HTTP/1.0, CGI 1.1, HTML and MIME -- Proxy services. Supports proxy for HTTP, FTP, Gopher and WAIS

services. -- Caching provides improved performance for frequently retrieved


AlphaBrowser Supported Terminals -- ANSI; IBM3151; DEC VT100,VT220,VT241,VT320, VT420; Wyse60, Wyse370. Facilities -- Menu driven user interface and online configuration -- Popup menus and dialog boxes -- HTTP1.0 support -- Support for FTP, News, Gopher and Telnet services

INTRAnet Jazz Kiosk - -- Allows images/icons to access corporate information, applications

and shared resources, -- Delivers one consistent interface on multiple platforms. -- Interfaces are administered and controlled from a single point. -- Is not limited to the Web; it will operate in stand alone mode

and local PC networks such as NetWare IPX/SPX. -- Provides consistent cross-platform user interfaces -- Replaces or complements existing Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and NT Graphical User Interfaces -- Supports local or central administration -- Supports HTML extensions: tables, forms, text and image alignment,

text wrap, colored text, backgrounds. -- Web enabled for use with JSB INTRAnet Server -- Local disk cache enhances performance -- Progressive display of graphic images (JPEG and GIF) -- Based on 32-bit asynchronous architecture -- Intelligent Wallpaper -- Supports audio multimedia files (AU and AIFF) -- Built-in external image viewers (JPEG and GIF) -- Right hand mouse button shortcuts -- Auto-launch applications from associated documents -- Intuitive Setup includes Kiosk examples -- Built-in Help system

CONTACT: Nadel Phelan

Paula Phelan, 408/335-7745
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