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 ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting Dec. 1, Jones Intercable Inc.'s (NASDAQ-NMS: JOIN and JOINA) customers in Alexandria, Va. will be the first in the nation to gain broadband access to Internet, the powerful global computer and information network.
 The initial test phase of the project will be conducted in a selected area of Alexandria, with roll-out to the full Alexandria service area later.
 Jones Digital Holdings Inc., an affiliate of Jones Intercable, announced that it has chosen ANS CO+RE Systems Inc., a leading provider of Internet access, for the test, which will connect home, business and institutional computers directly to the Internet through the Jones Intercable cable television plant.
 "Data transfer isn't the future of cable anymore, it's the present," said James J. Krejci, chief executive officer of Jones Digital Holdings. "Just as we demonstrated in the past that cable is the leader in fiber- optic deployment, we're now showing that cable is ready, willing and able to connect individual homes, offices and institutions to the digital universe."
 Jones customers who participate in the Internet test will have direct access to Internet's "network of networks," a fast-growing international collection of databases, bulletin boards, and computer networks representing hundreds of businesses and institutions. New Internet services are announced daily.
 Jones Internet users in Alexandria will also be connected to one another through equipment at the cable hub that will route traffic from one cable television-based user to another. This feature will make possible data transfer between schools, school-to-student, office-to- employee, doctor-to-hospital, and person-to-person, among many other applications.
 "Today, information is the engine driving our society," said Glenn R. Jones, Jones Intercable chief executive officer. "It is incumbent upon cable television companies to do everything within their power to exploit the tremendous technology at our disposal to give people rapid access to information."
 Jones Digital Holdings' Internet access service will use the well- developed packet switching technology, delivered and controlled by an Internet Protocol (IP) router and host server. In order to access the system, the user will require a personal computer, a cable modem and a cable television hookup.
 The access network will connect the user to a communications hub via the Jones Intercable distribution system, and the hub will provide the Internet interface.
 "There can no longer be any question that the nation's cable television companies are the best equipped to make the information superhighway an immediate reality," said Jones Intercable President James B. O'Brien. "We're very excited about taking the next step in bringing this vision to life."
 Jones Digital Holdings is a subsidiary of Englewood-based Jones International Ltd. Jones International is the corporate parent of Jones Spacelink Ltd.; Jones Intercable; Mind Extension University(R): The Education Network(TM), and a number of other telecommunications companies. Initially, Jones Digital Holdings will focus on providing increased network speed and capacity via cable television technology for data base users. Future services will encompass a full range of data services, information services and Internet interface functions.
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 /CONTACT: James J. Krejci of Jones Digital Holdings, 303-792-3111/

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Date:Sep 30, 1993

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