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THE opening line was always the same. Jonathan King would flash his familiar lopsided grin to an impressionable boy and say: "Do you recognise me?''

Behind the wheel of his Rolls-Royce - registration number JK 1000 - King prowled the streets of London for his star- struck prey.

The flattered youngsters accepted his offer of autographs, records and other presents.

Police will never know how many he abused. But five gave evidence at the Old Bailey.

And one spoke exclusively to The Mirror after King was jailed.


The 15-year-old

South African

HE plucked up the courage to come forward after watching ChildLine founder Esther Rantzen discuss child abuse on television.

Now 30, he told The Mirror: "I would like to kill the b*****d. I had to go through quite a lot of personal grief to come forward as a witness. He got what he deserved but, of course, I wish he had got more."

The victim, then 15, had been in London for three weeks after arriving from South Africa when King pulled up in his white Roller.

He was invited to the pop mogul's home, Queensborough Studios, where King chatted about girls and boasted of being friends with stars like Elton John before moving to the next step of his routine: showing porn pictures.

The victim said: "At that age I was very confused. That kind of thing happening to you is not very pleasant."

Coming from South Africa, the youngster did not know who King was until he saw him later on TV. But after watching Esther Rantzen on another programme, he decided to speak up.

"It was then that I told my mother," he said.

"King kind of restrained me at the flat in Bayswater. He even asked me to come back. He was a complete confidence trickster.

"In court he was so arrogant. He showed absolutely no remorse for what he has done. I believe I was one of the last. Since then, I have heard he's been in Morocco and elsewhere."

He added: "You don't ever get over something like this. I'm not clinically depressed but it springs into my mind from time to time.

"Right now, it's fresh in mind again. The police have offered me counselling.

"I sometimes think I was stupid to get into that situation, that going round there was somehow my fault, but I've been told by psychiatrists that it was not my fault.

"I had problems trusting people and only had one relationship between the ages of 15 and 19."

He added: "I forgot about it for eight years until I read in a newspaper that he had been arrested. I had a long time to think about whether to come forward.

"In the end, I contacted the police and decided to give evidence. I had to relive the whole experience. It was intimidating. Detailing your experiences of sexual abuse in front of a court full of strangers is not a nice thing for anyone to go through."


15-yr-old from Luton

ANOTHER victim, now a 33-year-old builder from Luton, Beds, was assaulted after being given tea which police believe may have been spiked.

He trembled as he said: "I had my mind rearranged. It twists and bends you a little.

"It is something I can't forget. He should pay for it."

King introduced himself to this victim, then 15, in Leicester Square and even got to know his parents.

He said: "I didn't know who he was but my parents told me he was a famous man. It must just have been excitement and surprise.

"On the journey to his home he wrote down a list of things like family, friends, music, cars and sex and he asked me to write them down in priority."


Aged 14 from Cambs

THE next victim, a 14-year-old from St Neots, Cambs, was picked up at a Soho peep show in 1983.

He said King stuffed 50p pieces into the slot and performed a sex act as they watched naked women. He was then taken back to King's home and the star looked furtively around the road before ushering him quickly in.

"I presume he was scared someone would see him take a lad into his place," he said.

King gave him ginger beer, put on a porn film and then assaulted him.

The pervert gave the boy books and records autographed with the words: "With best wishes".

The victim told the court: "He is the beginning of what ruined my life. I found it so hard to blank it out."


Shrewsbury boy, 14

A 14-year-old from Shrewsbury was attacked in 1984 after he wandered up to King in a supermarket and asked for an autograph. He said: "I pointed him out to my parents before going up to him. He asked me where I was from, if I had seen his show and if I was interested in music.

"He invited me to his home and asked if I would be interested in giving my views on music.

"My parents were bowled over and arrangements were made for him to pick me up at our hotel that evening.

"When we got to his house, we listened to a few tapes of bands and then he asked me what my interests were.

"He asked me to write down what my priorities were. I think I put sex second."

King showed the boy porn pictures before indecently assaulting him.

He said he was invited back to the house on other occasions. "I felt trapped," he said. "I didn't have any control over the situation. I felt disgusted."

King even introduced the youngster to his own elderly mother.

Later, he was attacked again before King drove him home to Shropshire in a Triumph TR7 and stayed for a meal with the boy's parents.

He said: "King made them feel absolutely comfortable with the fact I had been to his house."


Boy, 14, from Chatham

A 14-year-old boy from Chatham, Kent, told how he he was abused by King.

The star produced pictures of naked women and a topless snap of model Samantha Fox.

The victim, now a bank clerk, said: "I recall one of a young Asian woman in a state of undress. It was more seductive than pornographic." He said King gave him a magazine and told him: "See if you can get off."

He added: "I really didn't know what he meant. I went to the bathroom and, instead, read the articles.

"I just put it out of my mind. It was a bad memory. But I am angry now because I can see what he was trying to do."

King faced a second trial which collapsed on Tuesday. He was cleared of assaulting a 15-year-old and the last alleged victim was not called to give evidence.

King was said to have attacked him when he was 13 after picking him up at Waterloo station.

The prosecutor said: "It's not difficult to imagine the excitement of a boy in his teens not only meeting a celebrity but being brought into his world and having so much time lavished upon him."


PICK-UP SPOT: London's Leicester Square; LAIR: London mews where King abused boys; LURE: King had topless snaps of Sam Fox; REWARD: Pervert gave victims autograph
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 22, 2001
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