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On the suggestion that Doctor Who is 'not Welsh enough'

DR Who is an international success it is made in Wales, that is reason enough to celebrate, why does it need to have a proliferation of Welsh accents?

- nospin

THE scriptwriters appear to be writing to a certain formula and a Welsh character isn't in it. An error we must forgive I suppose.

- Mercher

Doctor Who is an icon, I don't think anyone's interests would be served by having a Welsh accent in the show, and certainly not one from South Wales!!!

So it's filmed in Cardiff, so what, it is a universal show in fact in the bigger sense, a neutral accent is just fine and dandy.

MAYBE if they called it "Dr Who's coats that jacket".

- PrinceMadoc - EastWalian

WHEN I first saw this I thought "this is so stupid, someone is taking the mick" Torchwood: Made in Wales and scripts SET IN Wales. Therefore the Welsh accents abound.

Dr Who: Made in Wales but scripts NOT SET in Wales.

Why would the accent abound in episodes generally set in London? Or for that matter all the far flung places it's set in.

What would the Doctor's original accent on Gallifrey have been? Patagonian Welsh maybe?

- RoathRover

What about a real nasty called a "Dai Leck" or even a "Ceiberman" from Penrhiwceiber in Mountain Ash...?

- Ed_Crowe /forum
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 12, 2009
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