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JOIN THE GREAT ONLINE DEBATE; On Cardiff City's unpaid tax bill.

Nothing has really changed. All it means is that if the investment is not as substantial as we are led to believe, a player, maybe two, will have to be sold in January. That was the case in the summer as most of us know that until investment comes in, we need to make a transfer profit of around pounds 5m a year.

Our dealings this summer are about even, leaving us pounds 5m short of where we need to be, hence the ludicrous scenario of season tickets before Christmas to bridge the shortfall. Doing so means we will be chasing our tail as once this precedent is set, it is hard to change from until we are on a sound financial footing. The investment needs to be substantial for that to happen and only time will tell if it will be.

This court hearing merely means we have to pay the outstanding monies by February 3. As stated, that is easily done by selling a player. The major concern is if such happenings will deter potential investors.

- Saladthedragon The announcement that a Malaysian investor had joined was hurried out to deflect away from this tax court news.

It's laughable to think that Cardiff fans were being told by Mr Ridsdale that they could buy season tickets at fixed prices for five years to reward their loyalty, when all along Cardiff just wanted cash to pay the taxman.

- glamorgan_jim Courts do NOT defer when it comes to tax arrears. Payments are in place or we'd already have had the receivers in, yes? We have financial backing from now on.

Embarrassed? I've been a City tragic for over 40 years mate, we're on the verge of Premier League football mun!

- elyboy /forum
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 27, 2009
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