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EAS? Remove all buds on tuberous begonias that have winged embryo seed pods behind them, as these will produce small, insignificant flowers and if left to grow will rob the plant of energy.

Sow a row of carrots on the veg plot for harvesting later in the year.

Plant Colchicum corms in bare soil in between shrubs to add a splash of colour in autumn. Plant 3-4in deep in groups of five or more for impact. EFFORT Take cuttings of hardy shrubs and pinks and root them in a cold frame with a tight-fitting lid. Provide ventilation when the cuttings show signs of growth - indicating they have formed roots.

Cut back side shoots on cordon apple trees to five leaves (about 6in) from their base. Trim any shoots that sprout from these later back to one leaf.

Spray maincrop potatoes with copper fungicide solution to prevent blight.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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