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JNBridge Releases Java and .NET GUI Control Embedding Capability.

Embed Java GUI controls in .NET apps, embed .NET GUI controls in Java

BOULDER, Colo. -- JNBridge, LLC announced today the release of JNBridgePro 3.1, the latest version of the company's flagship Java and .NET interoperability tool. JNBridgePro 3.1 enables developers to embed Java GUI controls directly in .NET applications, or .NET GUI widgets in Java applications.

JNBridgePro is a Java and .NET interoperability tool that easily connects anything Java to anything .NET. Developers can access Java objects and classes from .NET as if they were .NET objects and classes, or access .NET objects and classes from Java.

With this new version, developers can now embed Java widgets written in AWT or Swing directly inside WinForm applications, or embed .NET WinForms controls in to Java AWT, SWT, or Swing applications.

"Embedded controls has been our top feature request, as custom GUI controls can be difficult to write or expensive to buy," said Wayne Citrin, CTO of JNBridge. "It's very hard for development organizations to keep their investments in custom controls when moving from Java to .NET or .NET to Java. With this new version of JNBridgePro, customers can quickly migrate from one platform to the other, or develop applications for both platforms, while retaining their original investment."

Software vendors are using the GUI embedding of JNBridgePro 3.1 to provide graphical controls that will work in both the Java and .NET platforms, thereby expanding their potential markets. "Some of our customers also develop in .NET," said Alex Allardyce, Communications Director at ChemAxon, a Budapest-based provider of Java-based chemical software development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. "Using JNBridgePro, they can use our Java components like they were native .NET controls."


JNBridgePro version 3.1 is available for immediate download form the JNBridge Web site. See for download information and a free 30-day trial.

About JNBridge

JNBridge is a privately held company located in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2001, JNBridge has grown to hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users worldwide. Organizations using JNBridge products range from Global 500 enterprises to small ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) and consulting shops, solving Java and .NET interoperability issues in a tremendous variety of applications.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 6, 2006
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